The founding principle of Racing For The Oceans project is based on collaborative participation. It means that every action taken and supported initiative must have, at least, one committed partner. Collaboration is a basic idea but made from a rare complexity when it comes to implementation. That’s why we want to  collaborate on a long term strategy with companies sharing our philosophy and values. Together, we can succeed in making our oceans blue again 



Sept. 2018
Benoît Formet is preparing for his first offshore race as a semi-pro skipper. Marine is leading Marketing teams in France for a logistics company when they both meet. They work really hard to get sponsors for the race, to define a proper approach and strategy to convince companies that solo racing is a huge challenge one could use for an impactful internal communication and employer brand operation. 

But they were definitely looking out for something bigger as the project was better defined… What if the solo sailing race was not the end but the beginning of a big project? Racing For The Oceans was born. 

Today, the brand has been starting to work with the hospitality industry on a first zero plastic hotel. The group has decided to trust the Racing team as to help them find and implement the most profitable plastic free alternatives. More infos to come soon…



Logo Racing For the Oceans

The official launch of the Racing For The Oceans brand is scheduled for October 22, 2019. On the departure date of the race la Mini Transat La Boulangère.

The boat will be designed according to the brand identity, but will also represent partners values and branding (logos on the sails). 

The partners joining the adventure would benefit from an unprecedented media coverage but above all, will engage on a long-term partnership on major events to come…

The major goal of the brand is to collaborate with eco-conscious and sustainable brands/ companies that will be exposed during the race through social media and press coverage.  Benoît, the skipper of the boat number 887, will be the first ambassador to carry our partners’ colours. And the big offshore solo races his next play ground: Vendée Globe, Jacques Vabre, Route du Rhum.

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